Monday, October 22, 2012

Gesture Drawing - Focusing On Character (HallowsStyle!)

These were a series of sketches I did this week in honor of Halloween coming to town shortly in the States.  The discussion was about focusing on the primary source of importance first.  That being, the posture and weight distribution of the character/person. However, from there on it's important to make it your own. With the power of someone's imagination, ANYTHING is possible if you simply..........

Make Believe!

(The last sketch is for Michael...)




Unknown said...

I love these!! Especially thriller at the bottom!

winderly said...

wow they look great!! what did you use to draw these?

Mark McDonnell said...

These are all done with a child's charcoal from a thrift store and.....the Thriller was DEFINATLY a tribute to Michael.

Thanks guys, these were really a lot of fun to do!