Monday, October 07, 2013

Cre8tiveMarks U: VOLUME 02 is AVAILABLE NOW!

Hey Guys,

I'm happy and very proud to introduce the SECOND video in a new way of learning at Cre8tiveMarks University.  Volume 02 is now available for download!  

Within the last 5-6 years of teaching at The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks and many of the most prestigious artistic and animation studios and institutions, I've been able to consolidate the primary needs for a working artist or hobbyist.  From fielding questions from giving lectures and traveling to conventions to sell my award winning book, The Art and Feel of Making It Real, I've been able to really grasp the needs of the working artist in today's environment.  Gone are the days of working 35 years in one particular studio and gaining a pension to retire on.  My process is an adaptable approach thinking about this "commercial art" as a conceptual understanding, making it easy to transfer the ideas and thinking directly into your particular field or part of the craft.

From beginner to professional, I wanted a global way to help and give back to the artists that are looking to get better and grow their talent, no mater what level you're on.  This University, the Cre8tiveMarks University is firsthand studio knowledge in the privacy of your own home, to be watched on your T.V., tablet or the phone in your pocket, any time…any place.  

Many of the topics in Volume 02 will be focusing on "warming up."  I show you how I approach tackling a new idea and exercises to stimulate the brain (both directly and indirectly) when approaching drawing - from figure drawing, to fun "blob sketching" all the way to memory sketching and why that is so crucial in seeing…..and interpreting instead of copying what you see in front of you.  All of these things you get to see first hand examples and watch as I talk about the many facets of figure drawing, such as how to light those forms and what to think about so you can use that knowledge to transfer it to your character/storyboarding/visual development and any type of illustration you're working on. 

The files are up for download right now, and if you missed Volume 01 you can purchase that or both of them at a DISCOUNTED rate, for a limited time only!

All my best and I'll be looking forward to seeing your soon on the digital airwaves,