Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cre8tiveMarks University - LAUCHES VOL. 03 & VOL.04

Hey Guys,

I'm happy and very proud to introduce the THIRD & FORTH video in a new way of learning at Cre8tiveMarks University.  Volume 03 is in pre-order (due at the end of this month) and Volume 04 is READY FOR DOWNLOAD NOW!

Volume 03 is on the topic of sketchbooks, with a walk through over 20 personal sketchbooks talking about trick and things to accomplish while out in the field, attacking a new subject and how to think in order to get better to apply it to your craft at work!

Volume 04 is on the topic of Silhouettes and this is defiantly a GREAT video!  Pushing, pulling, adapting and growing are all the focus for this video and I'm very proud of it as it explains the beginning of my process of how to accomplish gesture:  Step 01 and beyond.

The files are up for download right now, and if you missed Volume 01 you can purchase that or both of them at a DISCOUNTED rate, for a limited time only just in time for CTN, which I'll be at TABLE T-088 if you're in the neck of the woods to say hello and talk art!

All my best and I'll be looking forward to seeing you soon on the digital airwaves,


Monday, November 11, 2013

Cre8tivemarks @ CTN: Table T-88 (Nov. 15-17)

It's that time of year again as Fall has dropped it's last leaves in preparation for winter, (on this side of the globe), and the CTN Animation Expo has almost arrived.  I'll be happily showing for my 5th year and very proud to offer new artwork, books and to introduce the all new Cre8tiveMarks University video series that's FINALLY AVAILABLE!  Come on by, the show is Nov. 15-17.

I'll be at Table:  T-88.  So stop on by and say hello, look at my new wares and just to chat.