Monday, July 08, 2013

Comic Con 2013: Table I-05

I'll be debuting my Denizens of the Deep book this year as well as taking sign ups for the New Cre8tivemarks University. I'll be there to answer any questions as well as showing video content for some of the class to watch. It's going to be a good Con, once again!

Stop on by Table I-05!


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mark McDonnell: Mentor Program & Cre8tivemarks University SALE!

Mark McDonnell:  Mentor Program & Cre8tiveMarks University SALE!

01:  I will be Mentoring again for two artists that are looking to get one-on-one instruction with me to increase their skills and grow their craft.  This will be one of the last times I'll get a chance to do this in the near future as I'll be ramping up on a project that will last quite a while in production.  

Today is the first day of signing up for the Fall 2013 Mentee Program @  Please see the website for any information and to see the amazingly talented artists that are also available to be your Mentor.  This is a very rare opportunity and a very cool way to get very personal one-on-one experience for an experienced professional.

Please see:

02:  For anyone interested in my NEW Cre8tiveMarks University, an online way of learning in the form of personal digital download's, the sale is almost over at the end of this week!  This is the first video, a 3-Hour instructional drawing and discussion talking about what is needed in the Animation and Entertainment Industry, with plenty of examples of me drawing and talking about what pens and pencils you can use with studying for the job you're after!