Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Video Uploaded: Experimenting with Different Mediums: PrismaColor Pencils - 01

As we're all gearing up for the 3rd Annual CTN ANIMATION EXPO in Burbank California, I decided to post an all new video in the realm of using different mediums and experimentation when creating gesture specific drawings for the Animation and Entertainment Industry. It's a quick over the shoulder view of a few drawings done with a PrismaColor Pencil, as they are a wonderful waxy smooth pencil to draw with.



All my best to everyone spanning the Artistic Globe,



Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Mark, love your work, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

great video, Mark....when I watch you draw, it jogs my memory to some of the things you taught me in your class.

See you at CTN.

Mark McDonnell said...

Thank you guys for the kind comments, I'll work even harder to make sure I post some more videos. And in the future, more instructive verbal videos as well.

All my best and more @ CTN!!!!