Monday, July 19, 2010

Mark McDonnell's Cre8tivemarks @ COMIC-CON 2010 - Table "C-9"

Well the greatest show on Earth is about to roll into beautiful downtown San Diego. I'm lucky enough to be in my own booth this year and I'll be @ "TABLE C-9."

• I'll have new copies of my book: THE ART AND FEEL OF MAKING IT REAL based on my teachings as an instructor at Disney, Dreamworks and many of the Art Institutes around California as well as ORIGINAL ARTWORK and EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION PRINTS - especially a new Comic-Con Exclusive Print "In The Beginning..."

- My book will be discounted to $40 this year so come on by and say hello and bring a book if you already have one I'd be happy to sign and personalize it with a sketch.

Best to everyone and I hope to see you in the Carnival of COMIC-CON 2010!



Comic-Con 2010 was AMAZING!!! From seeing fellow artists to enjoying new friends and fans -
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out and took the time to stop by . . . cheers!


Nathan Fowkes said...

Mark, great to see you at Comicon. I'm enjoying the book!

Mark McDonnell said...

Thank you Nathan. You're a fantastic talent, thank you for coming by amongst the madness of the show.



Mark Fearing said...

And look at you, all bearded out! Hope the Con was the Con. Missed it this year. See you next!

Victor Ha said...

Great meeting you Mark. And thanks so much for all your advice and I hope to see you soon!

Graham Ross said...

Nice hanging with u and thanks for the sweet pen! BTW know where I can pick of more of those? It just says Pentel Stylo on the side. Haven't found a store yet in San Francisco that sells 'em. Seriously one of the best pens I've ever used.

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys. . .

Mark Numero 1,
I was not wearing Brute cologne or Old Spice but I felt "almost" like that fella in the Dos Equis commercials. I heart you.

Thanks man, nice meeting you as well. Drop me a line if you have any questions your interested in my man. Best to you.

The pens are actually Pentel, so you should be able to get them online @: