Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Second INTRO Spot - CTN EXPO

Here's a piece for the upcoming CTN Animation Expo coming up this Friday . . . it's looking like something NOT TO BE MISSED!!!





Mark- I'm very excited to swing by your table at CTN-X. Time to do some x-mas shopping for myself, er my kids.

I'm excited that you'll be attending.

Pablo said...

Thanks Mark for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it very much. Hope to one day take your gesture class. The last time I had taken one was with Diana Coco. Fun times. Anyways I wish I was able to go the show and say howdy this week but unfortunately unable to. I'm sure it'll be a blast to be at.

p.s Love your book. Bought it when you first received them from the printer. It's the gesture drawing bible in my book.

Unknown said...

Aweom spot Mark! man I wish I couldve gone to ctn. Looks like its gonna be a blast!

Best o luck to you with it and cant wait to hear the stories of how it went

( Yeah I do need to update my portfolio , I do update my other blog if your ever interested: )

keep on keepin on!

Ken said...

Nice! I would head over to the CTN expo to soak up some inspiration from all the talent that's likely to be there, but the US is a bit of a drive from Scotland... maybe next time!

Best of luck hope you have an awesome weekend. And cheers for the words on me blog.


Pablo Gil said...

Hi Mark, thanks for your comment and glad that you like the character. Indy? maybe someday ... thanks

Bill Robinson said...

Dude!! So much fun sitting next to you at CTN. Love the book, looking forward to next year's event already!

Keelamari said...

Oh, I wish I could go! I met you at the Calgary Comic Con in April, you probably don't remember but you gave me tons of great advice.

Anonymous said...

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Segun said...

Hi Mark,
thanks for chatting with me, signing my book at CTN Expo,for the elaborate Pirate head drawing.
Have a happy thanksgiving.

RAWLS said...

Awesome work Mark!!