Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Toronto Fan Expo - Wrap Up

I'm back after an amazing trip to Canada that was very nice and successful. I sold all of my books and had an incredible time with friends and fellow artists alike. From the cleanliness of the city to the great night life . . . Toronto was pretty incredible. I thank everyone I had the chance to meet, from student, fan, artist and everything in-between . . . it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone. I hope everyone got home safe with a sack full of books and plenty of goodies.

If anyone has pictures please due share as I was so overwhelmed with signing and what-not I forgot to take pictures.

All my best to everyone,



Ted 'seoulman' Kim said...

Hey Mark! It was great meeting you at Fan Expo. You're are as nice as you are talented! -Ted (Jim Lee's cousin ;p)

Unknown said...

hahah Hey Mark. I happen to have some pics on my blog. Should have taken a pic of us.. glad to see you made it back ok.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!

Nice meeting you - here are my pics from Fanexpo. You make an appearance!

Gary C

Michael Kasaboski said...

Hey Mark - it's been about a week and a half since Fan Expo, but wanted to say thanks for coming and it was a GREAT pleasure meeting you and chatting with you. I've only browsed through your book so far, but now that I'm finished my busy period at work I'll be sitting down to work through it page by page. I also really appreciate all your feedback on the small portfolio of work I brought with me. Your tips as well as your enthusiasm have been well received. I also really appreciate the offer to send you some more of my work for review and feedback. Hopefully you'll check out my blog as well. I've posted a pic of two and will be posting more as well as doing a little feature about my meeting with you. I'm the guy that chatted with you right until closing on Saturday night if that helps jog your memory. Cheers!