Monday, July 13, 2009

COMIC CON 2009 - I'll be @ BOOTH 5362 (Under LAAFA)!!!

I will be exhibiting at Booth 5362 listed under LAAFA (the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts) which is one of the schools I am an instructor for.

I will have copies of my new book: The Art and Feel of Making it Real. I will also be offering for the first time, well over 200 original drawings for sale (with images from the book as well as other original pieces that are all bagged/boared for protection and transit).

Please stop by as I will be more than happy to sign books and do sketches inside if desired. Hope to see you there July 23-26th @ the San Diego Convention Center!!! I'm looking forward to it as this is the only convention I will be offering my original artwork for sale at. So come by and say hello as well as thumb through countless drawings. I'll have a copy of my book waiting for you . . .

All my best,



Unknown said...

Glad you were able to get a booth. I'll be sure to come by when I go to the con on Saturday.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice, I'll look forward to it my man. Gunna have all that artwork I brought in to class for sale as well.



sam said...

Hey Mac! getting excited! I'll be bringing you a special thank you surprise from the group. I think you'll love it. your the best Mac! See ya there!

g said...

hey man, great stuff here!
congrats for the comic con :))

Michael Mercer said...

Hey there! I know you'll be busy at the con but if for whatever reason you are sitting around going through your blog comments I would love to ask you some specific questions about publication. Your new book is fantastic and I am hoping to publish something in the future. Thanks. I looked for your email in blogger, but couldn't find it...anyway, no biggie if you don't have to time. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Your new book is fantastic and I am hoping to publish something in the future. Thanks.

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