Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Visual Storytellers Studio - INTERVIEW

I was recently asked to do an online PodCast for a really kind and generous artist, Sam Kirkman who heads up the Visual Storytellers Studio for Illustrators and Children's Book Illustrators alike. If you interested please check it out and let me know what you think:

Check out the link to the right: INTERVIEW 03 - - - - - >



Anonymous said...

Really nice interview, man! Hope you're doing fine! Cheers, TOR

Justin Rodrigues said...

Dude, Nice pirate! I'll start slangin' that book of yours. Great to meet you today man let me know when you start up that sketch club again i'd love to go.

sam said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation Mac! Hope to pick it back up at the Con! Your enthusiasm for your work is infectious! I've been doing a lot more sketching & gestures lately because of it. Thanks for the prod!

Josh Taback said...

I'd love to hear the interview, but the link seems to be broken.