Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Class - LAAFA

Hey Guys,

I will be teaching a NEW class at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts (LAAFA) in Van Nuys, Ca. This is a nice opportunity to open up the class and my teachings to the public. The other class I teach at the moment is solely for the Walt Disney employees only. So this is a nice way to let people have access to the teachings of the studios that is open to anyone interested as well as the general public. I will be instructing on Sundays, which was a request that some of my students asked for due to the work week being too hectic. It's a trial run, but if anyone is interested you can contact LAAFA @ 818.708.9232. - (It is listed under the "Sessions" section on the right).

If you are interested, just tell them I sent you over and I am sure they will be nice enough to fill you in on the details and give you the packet of information I supplied them with.



Bill Robinson said...

Awww man, if only I lived in LA! Or if only you taught classes in the Bay area...:D

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm doing a figure workshop there on Fridays and I'll check out your class.

Mark said...

I f I was in still in town, I'd sign up just to steal your sketches. Well, no I wouldn't do that. But I'd heckle.
Congrats, your students will be lucky.