Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recent Sketches . . .



Tyree said...

First I just wanna say thanks for the comment on my page. Second I really like your work. It's inspiring to me. Keep up the awesome work and I cant wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Good work!

Gilberto Valadares said...

thank's a lot for the words on my blog, I'm honored with praise coming from an artist of your talent and who I'm big fan ...

This sketches are great, and I loved the interview, congratulations ... :)))

Frankie Stellato said...

Hey Mark just wanted to say the blog is looking fantastic! Keep up the good work man! Very inspirational work on here. And great interview on the characterdesign blog

kris.w said...

glad i'm now aware of one more of the few blogs out there with real substance and great works. i shall check back often :0)

Unknown said...

These sketches are great, love the top blue piece. Is that pastel?

Ken said...

lovely drawings... I especially like the life drawing.

Oh and thanks for the kind words you left on my animation post a while back. Much appreciated

pablo pablo said...

Very nice sketches!

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys.

Thanks. You have great work my man. I'll be back to check out what else you've cooked up.

Back at ya.

Great diversity in your work, impressive.

Thanks man. The interview was really a fun thing to do. I love that site, and there are so many GREAT artists that Randall interviews, it really was a pleasure.

Thanks. I appreiate it . . . I'm trying hard to supply some quality work.

Thanks. And yes it's pastel which is a medium I plan to use much more in the near future.

Thanks man. Love your work . . . your animation is FANTASTIC and your character deigns are real good my man.



Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks Pablo, much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Nice Page!

Anonymous said...