Monday, November 10, 2008

Tinkerbell Props

I was lucky enough to have the chance to work on Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell 2: North Of Neverland for a little stint. These are some prop concepts I did for a book design for the first film. The pace was very fast and furious as I got on the project as it was nearing the final stages of design, so there was little time to add final touches here and there. They quickly moved away from the simplicty of design to a more ornate decision for this particular design.




Anonymous said...

Mark, you did a great job! Looks pretty nice! I am looking forward to seeing your designs on the screen! Hope all is well!
Cheers Tor

Jeremy said...

Yeah that's really cool and thanks for sharing your process! Beautiful gestures below too - as usual! Hope the orphan bill doesn't detract you too much from posting.. it would be a real shame..

Jay Fabares said...

very nice- i like the green book, the 'glow' of the gem is a nice touch :)

df said...

Nice! Great leaf texture. Lucky you working on a Disney project!

allen mez said...

Holy shitballs. Now were talking my friend. Tinkerbell has the magic power to pay bills.

I miss you so much.

Mark McDonnell said...

Thank you guys, this was a really fun gig. I wish I could have rolled over to the rest of the films. Once they got the ball rolling and Tink was in it's final stage everything looks really good and the subsequent films are going much smoother than the first one did. I hope they come out LOOKing as good as the first one.



Anonymous said...

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