Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Uploaded Video: Experimenting with PrismaColor Pencils - 02

Hey Guys with the digital world dominating our lives, I have found it is pretty important to continue to use traditional media that really can be transferred into our digital work (for look and feel, or otherwise),

As we're all gearing up for the beginning of the New Year, I decided to post an all new video in the realm of using different mediums and experimentation when creating gesture specific drawings for the Animation and Entertainment Industry. It's a quick over the shoulder view of a few drawings done with a PrismaColor Pencil and Ebony Pencil, as one is a wonderful waxy smooth pencil and the other has such a great range of light to dark all with one pencil making it so much fun to draw with. Any thoughts as to the importance of continuing to work traditionally outside of our digital work and if it is beneficial to any artists out there?

All my best to everyone spanning the Artistic Globe,



sal said...

I forget how much fun ebony pencils can be, thanks for the reminder. Prismacolors are just plain addicting;) By the way, what kind of paper are you using?

Mark McDonnell said...

Yeah, I agree. It really is such an amazing combination as well as two very versital pencils.

The paper is actually unpunched animation paper. It has an amazing coatin in the paper that's actually clay particles embedded inside if the fibers. It's more expensive than copy paper but it's worth every cent, in my opinion.

Thanks ,


Oberdã Vieira da luz said...

virei seu fã, eu sou aluno de desing e adorei seus trabalhos e nem vi todos ainda mas parabéns é assim que eu busco inspiração.