Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mark McDonnell: "MAC Sketchbook Sessions" 03

Here is an all new video which is the THIRD of my How To Draw In Your Sketchbook that I'm calling the "MAC Sketchbook Sessions" for the Animation and Entertainment Industry. It's an over the shoulder view of my flipping through my third of many personal sketchbooks and giving commentary. This book's goal was the use of black and white to control values as well as the eye's interest in the contrast between the two. The pen's used were the Gelly-Roll/Pentel Stylo and a Pentel "Water Brush" for the thicker lines and darkest darks.

I hope it's enjoyable.





Oh man this is stunning!

You inspire me!!
Hugs'n thx!!!

Joseph said...

DAMN!!! That is one great sketchbook!!! Great work!!!

Nik Rajguru said...


Your sketchbooks are inspiring! the silhouettes, designs, character development,gestures,complete renderings...Thank you for sharing!

Joe Heredia said...

Great stuff. How does that ink not bleed through? What kind of paper is that?

Anson Jew said...

The quantity and quality of work in your sketchbook is amazing! Mind if I ask how long it takes you to get through one of these?

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys,

Thanks . . . more to come.

I appreciate it . . . many many many more sketches are due!

I work hard to create new images and to grow at the same time, so thank you.

I control the wetness of the ink and make sure it's only the right amount. Sometimes I have to go over it one more time to ensure it's the right value and line weight.

This book took about 6 months to get through. It's about on par for others as well. I try to draw each day but it usually takes one or two lunch sessions to get through the week.

Best to everyone,


Douglas said...

hey mark, I love the sketchbook series. I think there all wonderful. I know most of your work is ink, but you do have some pencil in there. Any suggestions on preventing smudging? I know you can put a piece of paper between your hand and the paper when your working, but any ideas for after your done? I'm starting to use harder lead pencils and not adding much shading to see if this helps, but it still seems that much of the pencil is getting smudged. Thanks, and please keep adding those videos!!!

Anonymous said...

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