Friday, January 29, 2010

Figure Drawing - Female Nuddies Too!!!

Here are some recent figure drawings in a new sketchbook fresh for the start of 2010 where I can try some different things to change up the routine.

Best to everyone,



andre medina said...

awesome work man!

ernie said...

really cool work bud . your a very insiring artist . i really wanted to say thank you for all the tuff feed back on my work when i met you at the ctn expo . i have worked on some drawings and would love some feed back on that , if you have time . well thanks for everthing ernie ochoa

V.K. said...

I am loving these gestures.

And I would love to find a model to pose all saucy with attitude. The ones I've worked from are all pretty classic, which is fine, and I'm new to drawing from life but....methinks I'll put a shout out for something like a Dr. Sketchy-style figure've got me thinking. Truly inspirational.

Denny said...

Very inspirational and awesome work! Could you please let me know what sketch book you are using? I'm having a difficult time finding ones with darker tonal values. Thank you in advance!