Thursday, October 22, 2009

2D Artist Magazine Article - Cover

I was recently contacted by the company 2D Artist/3D Artist who creates these 2 fantastic magazines respectively, and was asked to write and illustrate an article on the topic of "Dynamic and Exaggerated Posing." It was recently released and I wanted to be sure to make it available to anyone who was interested. Above is the cover image, while below is the entire article to read.

If you are interested in their amazing magazines, please click the link (or cut and paste it) to check out their site:




Jason Seiler said...

Cool man! I didn't know . . . . we're like brothers now . . . well, 2D magazine brothers anyways. :)

Mark McDonnell said...

Ha Ha, Dig your work man . . . I can see the hard work you put into it that makes it effortless.



Alan Simmons said...

Hey Mark! I am inspired. I haven't really drawn in a while, work is really slow artwise and so I have been doing gigs elsewhere, but this inspired me to create again. Good for you!!! Keep it up!!!

Ahmed Hamdy said...

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