Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sketchbook Doodles 001

Here's a couple of pages from a new sketchbook I started. The images on the left were from a visit to Sony where the amazing Marcelo Vignali: ( has founded his Sketchclub: (

Based on the fun I have had visiting and seeing such an amazingly diverse group of talent artists, its spurred me to start my vary own Sketchclub, Sketchclub East: ( - with a group of amazingly talented friends of mine on our side of the hill. It's been quiet on our side of the hill for a little while, but that's about to change.
The Sketchclub East is back again . . . with lots more to come later.

Best to everyone,


1 comment:

jay said...

i love it! hope you post that other pic you have, regarding diversity, from DA :)