Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Figure Drawing - Female Nuddies Too x2!!!



Bill Robinson said...

Beautiful! Also that paper looks like fun to draw on.

Mark McDonnell said...

Actually, I thought the handmade watercolor paper would be a dream come true. But, it actually absorbed too much of the paint and I ended up Gessoing the pages to now paint with Gouache and it's really working nicely now. My intention was to paint them but I got caught up in the beauty of line . . . and forgot to follow though. DOH, but . . . it was nice to unwind.

Thanks for the nice comments my neighbor . . your work still INSPIRES me all the time.



Anonymous said...

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Mark McDonnell said...

Anonymous (a.k.a - Richard),

Paul does not reside here. Thanks for the great information on the converter. Thanks but no thanks,


Steve Umbleby said...

These are some great sketches Mark. I also love the gesture series of videos you've been putting up. Can't thank you enough for those...

Anonymous said...

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Santiago Mansilla said...

great sketches everywhere, and
thank you for those videos!

Anonymous said...

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Hans said...

Very cool! Really enjoy watching your vids too.

It's been a while, let's hook up soon:)


Jamie Gallant said...

Hi Mark,
These tutorials are really helpful, thanks so much for taking the time. It is greatly appreciated.


Victoria Koldewyn said...

Wow these are so fantastic! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel as well. I'm glad Drawn! featured you; into my bookmark folder you go!!

Anonymous said...

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chromasketch said...

Hey Mark I was watching some of the videos you had posted and was wondering if there was a method to how you put down your lines, when you were doing your first steps during the gesture drawing. Or.. is the act of putting down lines purely instinctual.. When I write about putting down lines.. I'm specifically referring to when you would use a coat hanger kind of line.. as opposed to a flowing line... or maybe a broken line.. how do you know when to use which sort of line? Or is the very act of gesture drawing an exploration of putting down these marks on your page..

allen mez said...

Yo Anonymous, stick to the freakin' thread man. We're talking nudity and drawing here or pack your bags douche. Damn.

Avelino said...

Very nice great sketchs!! Fantastic yours jobs!

Kendra Melton said...

Ooo very nice! Cool sketchbook too.

Nice meeting you last Friday at Sketchclub. You had me laughing so hard with those impressions. Those owl drawings in your sketchbook were really inspiring. :]

PS - The videos you posted are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I always enjoy learning about new media.

Mark McDonnell said...

Thank you for all the nice comments guys.

Thank you for the kind coments, I was very happy posted a blurb on me and my videos as it really is one of my favorite sites. Thanks for the bookmark.

I many of the sketches I start off differently. There is the process of Gesture, Construction, Anatomy and Technique to make sure there is a consistency. However as you get farther along in your studies these things blend together and show up at different times. But when all else fails and I begin to struggle with the beginning of a drawing, I resort to the above process.

I heart you so very much. Love your Smigly's . . . great realistic commentary in a cartoony sort of way that is.

Thank you as it was so nice meeting you as well. I see great things for you and thank you for the owl comments, I appreciate it. I promise to keep postin' the videos if you keep watchin' them.



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